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Mei Lan Hsiao (Agnes)

Accredited trainer for Negotiation Skills, Project Management, MBTI, Psychometric Assessment and Culture at the Workplace.

Mei Lan Hsiao (Agnes), a Taiwan Chinese born and grew up from a very traditional Chinese family in Taiwan, was fortunate to inherit traditional Confucius values and philosophies from her early upbringing, and able to integrate and find balance in the wave of globalization from her over 30 years of working and living experience in Taiwan and Europe.

She started her career when Taiwan stepped into the fast track of economic growth in 1975. She spent her first 15 years of working experience in different functions with multinational companies from different cultural background and industrial sectors in Taiwan. She moved to Belgium in 1991 for family reason and has been living in the center of Europe since then.

How to cope and ride on the wave of change was norm for her which she has many experience and insight knowledge of East works with West to share. She is an accredited trainer for negotiation skills, project management, MBTI, psychometric assessment and Culture at the Workplace and etc.

She works as a training consultant and management coach since 1993, specializes in action-oriented team development and 1-on-1 coaching.

All those years, she was able to develop her in discriminated and dominated environment and to gain recognition and transform experience to valuable learning. The journey of surviving through horrible crisis and difficult time has further strengthened her will and ability to put the Chinese philosophies and Western pragmatics in practice for inner harmony and a better health.

Daniel C. Renson    

International expertise : transformational change and organization, KM / Knowledge Management

Multiple extended national and international experiences (Europe, USA, Asia) in all main departments of small, medium and large enterprises. Part of several executive boards, including a four years EMEA assignment and new products developments responsibility (approximately 40 / year).
Main concerned domains : commerce, consumer good industry, services, communication (all media), R&D vision, cross departmental relationships in between the extended Supply Chain and the “bi-directional marketing”.
My personal methodical management (virtuous cycle) : missions / projects, education / lectures, fundamental researches (behavior, assimilation, knowledge : a highly sophisticated use of the modified “rotating KM matrix” principles to my personal life and staffs I’m piloting).
Expertise: (team-based) collaboratively developed foreseeing systems for saving time, cost reduction, error decrease and catalyzing responsible solidarities for federating natural efforts (CoPs).
The "key" (as explained on our site): Communication - Integration – Synchronization + the “rotating KM matrix” …

Offered services :
- Heads hunting as the BELUX CEO Europe Franchisee for delivering the “management on demand” ® esteemed services to the enterprise in search of top executives and interim managers ;
- FBC>s related audits and services ;
- Planned marketing-based BPR/BPM, change management supported prospective organizational transformation, crisis management, knowledge management. ERP implementation contextualized operations.

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