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WEB2.0, the new public open platform !

WEB2.0 represents a fantastic challenge for the enterprises !
The choices are theirs :
- getting overwhelmed or
- reading the continuously changing 4D multiple roads map for being part of the new communication era !
The space-time universe is more actual than ever !
The Big Bang is under progress on the Net !
We may not delay any more the regrouping of our best resources : real-time brains and techniques.
So, is Knowledge definitely what managers need to proceed in a masterly fashion !
More has to be discussed on newly installed interactive pages for sharing analysis, comments, experiences, ideas, suggestions.
We also plan to organize an event in Belgium with the most active interested parties.
On top of that, our Business Magazine is still available on this site and you may download it for free.
It contains an article about the WEB2.0 and much more about business.
The second issue is now available too and it features another article about the WEB2.0.

Click here for more (ser_web2_g001_e.web)(weblog).(French version is not available)


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